Physio Led Pilates (Online Course)

Physio Led Pilates (Online Course)

Welcome to our online Physiotherapy led Pilates programme.

Now is the time to take the steps needed to achieve physical and mental wellbeing.

If you have been dealing with injury or been in pain and want to take ownership of reducing your pain this is the course for you.

I am uniquely placed to help you as a chartered Physiotherapist. During my 14 years treating clients it became apparent to me how many of clients could dramatically improve their physical, and emotional, wellbeing by incorporating weekly pilates into their lives. The benefits of pilates are well known; including; improving flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, body awareness, improved balance & posture and safe rehabilitation from injury.

In the comfort of your own home you can build strength, increase your flexibility and ease any pain you might be suffering.

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Specialising in expert physiotherapy and acupuncture services we are one of the West of Ireland's premier physiotherapy clinics our physios are all chartered members of the ISCP.

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