Pilates and excercise for physical and mental health

Pilates and excercise for physical and mental health

Pilates classes held in our bespoke Pilates Studio are all facilitated by certified Pilates instructors and Chartered Physiotherapists.

You can also request a one-on-one Pilates class. For more information please call 098 25310. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or book through the website.

Pilates is known as a strength and flexibility workout so not everyone realizes the important mental health benefits. When you get into regular Pilates practice, expect to get stronger, both mentally and physically. In addition to strength and good posture, you’ll develop emotional resiliency, better sleep, improved self-confidence and a better mood every day. A regular practice of Pilates can boost mood, improve emotional control and even build up the functioning of the nervous system.

A Pilates workout targets all of the body, strengthening each muscle group. It uses static poses and slow movements with an emphasis on connecting the mind and body and connecting the breath to each excercise. Physical benefits include improved postural awareness, increased flexibility, improved core stability, reduced stress, injury prevention, stronger bones and spine and over all improvements in physical and mental health.

Research has proven over and over again that Pilates, exercise and being physically active is good not just for the body but also the mind. There are several reasons that exercise, including Pilates, is so good for mental health:

  • Any type of exercise provides an immediate mood boost.
  • Physical activity boosts production of neurotransmitters that fight depression.
  • Being active or playing a sport distracts the mind from ruminating on negative thoughts.
  • Exercise helps reduce the fight-or-flight feeling that people with anxiety or panic disorder experience.
  • Exercise produces a feeling of accomplishment and improves self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Fitness, especially with goals to achieve, provides a sense of purpose.
  • Exercise reduces stress.
  • Many people exercise with others, and any social activity improves mental health.
  • Exercise improves many physical health conditions and symptoms, including insomnia, weight, and fatigue, which in turn boost mental health.

All excercise needs to be accompanied by other healthy lifestyle habits such as proper nutrition to mineralise the bones to enjoy the full benefits of regular Pilates.

For more on the benefits of Pilates follow the link to an article written by one of our physiotherapists for the Mini marathon


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