Standard Package (12 week's access)

Standard Package -  12 Week's access

6 Weeks of Physio led Pilates Classes (Get Access for 12 weeks with this Package)

Online Physiotherapy led Pilates for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

This is an online Physiotherapy led Pilates programme which focuses on reducing your back pain, by increasing your flexibility and improving your strength. The class is set up so complete beginners will be able to follow the exercises and progress week to week. You can perform the class as many times in the week as you would like and you will have access for 12 weeks from sign up date, allowing you time to complete the course twice to improve your outcome.

The focus is on developing a keen body awareness and giving you easy and effective exercises to get your body moving.
The aim of the programme is to improve your functional ability and ease pain in everyday life over the 12 week period.

This Standard programme is set up as 45-60min Pilates classes over a 6 week period. It is set at a basic level and progresses safely and slowly to give you time to adapt to the changes.

What does the course cover?
Each class includes meditation, warm up exercises, strength and flexibility exercises and a cool down. In total there are 52 exercises included for you to follow along with.

If there isn’t enough time to complete the full class you can personalise it to suit your needs. For example: complete the meditation to reduce stress levels and aid sleep, complete the warm up exercises only (15 mins), or do both the warm, strengthening exercises and stretching to complete the session (45-60 mins).

Who is it suitable for?
This Pilates programme is for anyone who would like to complete a safe and progressive Pilates programme designed by a Chartered Physiotherapist.

This programme is for you:

  • If you would like to feel more flexible, regain confidence in your body’s ability and improve your strength.
  • If you have concerns about current or potential injuries.
  • If you have previously tried a Pilates programme and were unsure if you were performing the exercises correctly, or if you felt the pace was too fast to follow.
  • If you have a busy family life and only have personal time early in the morning or late at night.
  • If you prefer the flexibility of choosing when and where you do your Pilates class.
  • If you want to get more active but don't know where to start this Pilates programme is an ideal starting point.
Duration: 12 weeks
Price: €60.00

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