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At Westport physiotherapy I provide an holistic womens health service encompassing breast health. musculoskeletal issues, fertility, chronic pelvic pain and incontinence issues. Each stage of a womans life brings its own unique physical, emotional and mental challenges. I am devoted to helping women achieve optimal health, balance and wellbeing and I aim to educate, support and empower women.

I offer “The Mummy MOT” which is a one hour specialist post natal examination which involves an intensive assessment and individually tailored integrated treatment plan for mums in the postnatal period from their six weeks check up onwards or indeed many years after given birth. This examination is advised for mums whether they had a vaginal birth or a C section.

Assessment involves a thorough evaluation of posture, abdominal muscles (diastasis recti or “tummy gap”) pelvic floor assessment and screening for bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction. I offer education on how mum is recovering and advice on lifestyle patterns. A bespoke rehabilitation program is tailored to her needs and wants. I focus on helping women achieve health and balance through manual therapy, acupuncture, targeted exercises and lifestyle changes. A written report is given to mum on the day and advice is given in relation to returning to sport.

I believe the Mummy MOT is essential after delivery of your first baby and indeed after consecutive pregnancies as every pregnancy is a unique experience and may challenge the body in different ways.

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