Systematic Kinesiology available at Westport Physiotherapy clinic

Systematic Kinesiology available at Westport Physiotherapy clinic

The questions i get asked most frequently are, what is kinesiology and how can it help me? Although it can be challenging to explain, it is a integrated health solution encompassing the areas of physical symptoms, emotional involvement, our energy systems and our chemical intolerance.

As a physiotherapist i mostly see clients with physical symptoms of pain, restricted movement and an inability to perform normally activities of daily life, either acutely or over a longer period of time. A large percentage of the issues are related to muscle weakness, postural issues( habitually poor work posture), or mechanical issues in some or all directions of movement.

That said when i started asking clients the question what do you think caused this problem, i regularly got a response suggesting stress or some challenging life event eg loss of someone close, change in life sutuations or other difficulties might be to blame.

I have found kinesiology to be invaluable to me in my daily practice and my understand of how these other aspects of our health both physically and mentally can impact us, or limit our ability to recover from illness or injury.

Through the use of muscle testing we can identify the key areas causing each individuals problems and how we can reduce the stress on their system be it physical, emotional, chemical or energetic. Therefore you may be advised regarding key nutrients that might help, foods that you might have a sensitivity to, ways to reduce or deal with emotional stresses, or to increase energy levels by using our meridian (acupuncture system).

Systematic kinesiology is using the persons own wisdom to asertain what is most benefical for them at this moment in time.With the key aim being to return to comfortable normal movement, with energy and vitality and being able to enjoy life to the full.

If you feel a kinesiology treatment might be something you would like to trial or would like more information on please phone or email us. 09825310 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Margaret fitzgibbon

Chartered physiotherapist and Systematic Kinesiologist


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